Getting to Know Your Doula

Hi Everyone! 

 My name is Alexandra Low, but everyone calls me Ali. I grew up in San Jose, California where most of my family currently lives. In high school, I loved dancing and volunteering. In fall 2014, I moved to New Orleans, LA where I started college at Tulane University. As you may have read in my About Me section, I started off pre-med, but that eventually changed to pre-nursing as I took a Women’s Reproductive and Obstetric Health class through my Public Health major. During this class, I learned both about midwifery and doula careers. To be honest, I had only ever heard the term “doula” about a year before when I took Medical Anthropology and learned that my professor was a doula, but I never asked what that was. This women’s health class, however, delved into the amazing work that a doula does. Needless to say, I fell in love with everything that I heard and it was at that moment that I knew that being a doula is part of my path in life. Shortly after that class I found out that Birth Boot Camp was hosting a doula training in New Orleans. I signed up immediately! I absolutely loved that training! Not only was it an amazing learning experience, but it felt like an empowering women’s retreat. It was so comforting and powerful to be surrounded by women who wanted to help empower other women, just like I did. Additionally, working as an EMT in New Orleans and all of that training made realize that I was meant to help other women. These experiences sparked my passion for women’s health and childbirth. I hope to eventually pursue a career in Nurse Midwifery and open my own birth center. 

So, you might be wondering what made me come to Stafford? Well, my husband actually commissioned with the Marine Corps two days before our wedding, in June. He is now stationed at Quantico Marine Corps Base. We are loving this new experience and cannot wait to see where this takes us! Other than women’s health and childbirth, I love hiking, baking, cooking, boxing, and writing. My guilty pleasures are chocolate (cannot get enough of it!) and reality TV, especially reality cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Chopped. I also enjoy playing with and walking mine and my husband’s dog, a black lab mix named Rex. 

Rex, our 3 year old black lab mix

Rex, our 3 year old black lab mix

 I hope to post again soon and am excited to start the process of getting to know you and being part of your birth team!