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I aim to help all women experience a birth as sweet as honey. 


About Me 


My name is Alexandra Low and I have been passionate about birth since I was young. Originally pre-med, I had realized after a course I took pertaining women's health and pregnancy and reading books such as "Cut, Stapled, and Mended" by Roanna Rosewood and "Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent that I could help women have the best and most emotionally fulfilling birth they can have more as a doula and eventually a Certified Nurse Midwife as opposed to an OB/GYN. So, in April 2017 I became certified as a doula with Birth Boot Camp, a wonderful organization dedication to helping women achieve an amazing birth experience. As a practicing doula in the Stafford area, I strive to ensure women have peaceful, spiritual, and amazing births. I have witnessed a few births both of family members, friends, and in the workplace and have always felt so lucky and blessed to be part of that miracle. There is something uniquely special when you are invited to take part in something so special and intimate as birth. With experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, and Emergency Room Technician, and a yoga instructor, I believe that I can bring a unique approach to your birthing experience. If you have any questions about me, my experience, availability, or to schedule a free consultation to see if I'm the right doula for you please do not hesitate to email or call. 




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My Training & Certifications

  • Birth Doula 
    • Company: Birth Boot Camp 
    • Date of Certification: 4/24/17 
    • State of License: current 
  • Emergency Medical Technician 
    • Company: National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Date of Certification: 9/30/16 
    • State of License: current
  • Basic Life Support/CPR 
    • Company: American Heart Association 
    • Date of Certification: 8/24/16 
    • State of License: current
  • Yoga Instructor 
    • Company: Core Power Yoga 
    • Date of Certification: 8/16/15
    • State of License: current