Services & Prices

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Birth Doula 

Price: $600*

I provide birth doula services in the form of emotional, physical, and information support to women and their significant others before, during, and after birth. I aim to help every woman I serve have the birth that she wants and although things do not always go as planned, I will be there to support the laboring mom and her significant other to the best of my abilities.

Birth Doula services include a birth plan visit, phone and text support before labor and during early labor, doula support during active labor and birth, and a postpartum visit. The postpartum visit will include a postpartum depression screening as well as a check in to ensure that life adjusting to your new baby is going well. I also provide a list of local resources to support new parents.

*Although I do have specific prices listed, I try my best to work with each client to find an affordable price.

Birth Doula Survivors Assistance 

Price: Varies 

As a survivor of sexual assault, I am very passionate about helping women who have experienced sexual violence of any kind. As birth can trigger PTSD or bring up flashbacks, I believe that every woman who has been through this deserves to have a positive birthing experience regardless of economic background. To do so, I offer scholarships, or discounted birth doula services on a sliding scale to women who have experienced sexual violence. If you would like to discuss the scholarships/discounts available, please fill out the form here or call, email, or text me at any time. 

Military & Student Family Discount

Price: 20% Discount

As a student and a Marine wife myself, I understand the financial pressure placed on on military families and student families. Therefore, I offer discounted birth and postpartum doula services for expectant student and military families. If this applies to you please reach out to me to discuss availability and pricing here or call me anytime.

Services Coming Soon

Postpartum Doula services that I offer are highly customizable. In the first few weeks postpartum, there is a lot of adjusting that goes on and life with a new baby can be hectic. Therefore, as a postpartum doula I like to help out new parents in any way that I can. This may involve, but is not limited to, helping with household chores, watching and caring for the new baby while parents rest and spend some time together, cooking meals, and running light errands.

Postpartum Doula Services

Price: $20 per hour

Doula Bundles (Coming Soon)

Bundle One


Birth Doula services (see what this includes above) plus one postpartum doula visit totaling four hours.

Birth Doula services (see what this includes above), one postpartum doula visit totaling four hours, & newborn babysitting for a date night/night out.

Bundle Two